Anti Counterfeiting Inspection

If you encounter a bad business selling fake or forged g-wolves mouse, please directly complain with the sales platform and get multiple compensation from the sales platform. Recently, we found that there are a large number of unauthorized dealers selling fake g-wolves products on Amazon. We can only guarantee that the products we produce are authentic products sold by the following authorized dealers. Other products that are not authorized for sale are likely to be counterfeit products. We will not provide quality assurance services for the counterfeit products sold by these illegal dealers. Please purchase carefully! If you encounter difficulties, please let us know in time. We can provide you with supporting materials and help as much as possible. Please take up the legal weapon to protect yourself. Don't let fake products hurt your family. G-wolves is with you on the way to fight against counterfeits.
Reporting method: [email protected]
        Beijing JingYunMaKe Technology Co., Ltd
                         February 20, 2020

                              The harm of buying a fake:

1. No quality assurance.

(They lied to customers. When the customer purchases more than 30 days, they refuse the warranty and return.)

2. Unexpected disconnection often happens with the cable.

(The fake mouse cable can not pass the swing test. In the fierce game competition, the average swing times are less than 1000, less than 1 / 10 of the genuine mouse.)

3. Unfriendly issues with the buttons.

(Small factory production, quality can not be guaranteed.)

4. High risk of electric shock due to substandard cable.

(It is easy to get electric shock after disconnection.)

5. The mouse wheel shakes and makes abnormal voices.

(Defects in mouse wheel design)

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   If you buy a product from an unauthorized distributor, it is likely that the product you bought is fake.

                                              Our Authorized Distributor:

  X-Raypad、iTaktech、MaxGaming、Vessel Gaming、GoodGaming、iTakTech、PROSHOP、IGAMERWORLD、UNIVERSAL COLORS、G-Wolves Factory Store、STARY GOLD、COLORS5、

Caution!!!EU gaming and HKgaming are not authorized distributors of our company.

We cannot provide after-sales service for fakes!!!

Fake goods may bring security risks to you and your family, and even affect your health!!!

A2.    What about fake G-Wolves on Amazon?




A3.    If you have already bought a fake G-Wolves mouse on Amazon, please do not hesitate to seek help from Amazon as soon as possible. With their help, you can claim a ten-fold fine from the fake seller and get back your money and safety!

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